OCHA's Senior Management

Senior Leadership Team


Rashid Khalikov
Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Partnerships with the Middle East and Central Asia

Rashid Khalikov oversees OCHA’s efforts to forge new alliances with governments and partners of GCC and Central Asia countries. He oversees emergency response tools and partnerships.  Full bio>>



Gwi-Yeop Son
Director, Corporate Programmes

Gwi-Yeop Son is the Director of the Division for Corporate Programmes. She oversees OCHA’s administration and its work on communications, information services and policy development, and its management of the Central Emergency Response Fund.  Full bio>>



John Ging
Director, Coordination and Response Division (CRD)

John Ging is OCHA’s Operations Director. He oversees the day-to-day management of all OCHA field operations worldwide and on behalf of the Emergency Relief Coordinator. He is the daily focal point for supporting Humanitarian Coordinators. Mr. Ging is the lead adviser to the Under-Secretary-General on operational decision-making.  Full bio>>


Rudolph Müller
a.i. Deputy Director, OCHA Geneva and Chief, Emergency Services Section (ESB) 

As Chief of the Emergency Services Branch, Rudolf Müller manages OCHA’s emergency tool and services. As ad interim Director of OCHA Geneva, he manages the Office, including strengthening collaboration with UNISDR and with Geneva-based humanitarian partners.  Full bio>>



Senior Management Team

Mark Dalton
Chief, Information Services Branch (ISB)

Mark Dalton is Chief of the Information Services Branch, which provides information services for OCHA staff and humanitarian partners globally. Full bio>>




Kelly David
Chief, Strategic Planning, Evaluations and Guidance Section

Kelly David oversees the strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation of OCHA’s work, and advises senior leadership on managing organizational risk.  Full bio>>




Lisa Doughten
Chief, CERF Secretariat

Lisa Doughten is the Chief of the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) secretariat, which manages the global fund that provides essential resources to humanitarian operations world-wide. Full bio>>



Barnaby Jones
Executive Officer, Administrative Services Branch (ASB)

As head of the Administrative Service Branch (ASB) in New York and Geneva, he is responsible for directing and overseeing the provision of OCHA administrative services in headquarters and the field. He also provides strategic advice to senior management on budgeting, finance, procurement, human resources, general administration and strategic ASB corporate operations. Full bio>>



Maura Lynch
Chief of Staff, Office of the USG/ERC

Maura Lynch is Chief of Staff to the Emergency Relief Coordinator and Under-Secretary-General of OCHA.  Full bio>>



Hansjoerg Strohmeyer
Chief, Policy Development and Studies Branch

Hansjoerg Strohmeyer joined OCHA in December 1998. He has been the Chief of OCHA’s Policy Development and Studies Branch since 2007. In this capacity, he also served as Secretary of the Secretary-General’s High-Level Task Force on the Global Food Crisis in 2008.  Full bio>>



Marcy Vigoda
Chief, Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Branch

Marcy Vigoda leads the development of OCHA's partnership-and-inclusivity agenda, ensuring that all appropriate resources help to meet people’s needs in emergencies.  Full bio>>



Andrew Wyllie
Change Manager
Chief, Programme Support Branch

Andrew Wyllie is Change Manager and Chief of the Programme Support Branch in OCHA Geneva. The branch facilitates and supports the development of policies, procedures, tools and technical guidance on the humanitarian programme cycle for the humanitarian community. Full bio>>