CHF Contacts

General feedback from partners or stakeholders regarding the CHF Afghanistan can be sent to and will be answered by the relevant focal point within the Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU), in order to fully address or answer the issue raised by the sender. The CHF Helpline at 0793 001 139 is also available to respond to any questions on the CHF.

An annual online survey for all of OCHA’s CBPFs will be carrying out for stakeholders from the humanitarian community, CBPF partners, donors and Advisory Board members to provide feedback on a range of topics in order to gage their understanding of the CBPF and its processes, the relevance of allocations and overall impact on humanitarian issues. The results from these surveys and as well as past CHF Afghanistan Stakeholder Surveys will be circulated to the humanitarian community in Afghanistan and posted online at:

CHF stakeholders with concerns or complaints regarding the CHF processes or decisions that they feel have not been properly or insufficiently addressed through normal communication channels, can at any point in time contact the OCHA Head of Office or write to with these concerns. Complaints will be compiled, reviewed and raised to the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC), who will then take a decision on necessary action(s). The HC will share with the CHF Advisory Board any such concerns or complaints and actions taken thereof.


Policy and Programme Issues - OCHA Afghanistan, Kabul
Mr. Toby Lanzer, Humanitarian Coordinator:
Mr. Dominic Parker, OCHA Head of Office:
Ms. Maia McFadden, Head of HFU:


Fund Administrative Agent Issues - Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office), Bureau of Management, United Nations Development Programme
Ms. Jennifer Topping, Executive Coordinator:
Ms. Eva Saenz, Portfolio Manager:
Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office (MPTF Office)