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Since 2014, the CHF performs as both a flexible and strategic tool to address critical humanitarian needs in Afghanistan, thanks to the confidence, commitment and contributions from the Fund’s key donors. Playing an essential role in the Afghanistan humanitarian landscape, the governments of Australia, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (UK) have contributed approximately US$160 million to the Fund.

Afghanistan continues to be a perilous landscape for humanitarians to work, with access constraints brought on by the physical environment, by armed conflict spending across many provinces, and by increasing incidents against NGOs, causing delays the delivery of life-saving support. Equally critical is the rising number of humanitarian emergencies in Afghanistan. The CHF very much appreciates the contributions from donors in support of the critical work and accomplishments of UN and NGO partners, although there is still much work to do.

To ensure that the Fund remains a strategic tool for a flexible and timely response to address the critical humanitarian needs in Afghanistan, the CHF resource mobilization target is set by the Humanitarian Coordinator for a 10 - 15 percent of the funding requirement of the annual Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for Afghanistan. The scope of the annual HRP is tightly focused on the most acute life-saving needs of vulnerable refugees, returnees and populations displaced or affected by conflict or natural disasters, for the coming 12-month period.

OCHA’s Grant Management System (GMS) is a standard online platform for the management of all CBPFs. CHF partners use this interface to submit project proposals and reports, and the HFU coordinates project review, monitoring and partner performance. The GMS Business Intelligence displays real-time data in meaningful useful structure for donors and all stakeholders to analyze the ongoing processes with a consolidated view ( )

In addition, the OCHA Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU) generates periodic public information products at appropriate stages during the year with information on donor contributions and allocations enhanced by infographics and stories from the field, including Allocation Dashboards and the CHF Annual Report and regular features in the Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin, which are distributed via webmail and the OCHA and Humanitarian Response Websites. 

CHF Afghanistan Second Allocation in 2017 Dashboard and Map (November 2017)  
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