Application Process

In order to become eligible as partners, NGOs interested in applying for funding under the CHF Afghanistan have to participate in a Capacity Assessment process. This is one of the four major pillars of the CHF Accountability Framework. Its main aim is to ensure that the Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU) is equipped with the necessary information about the capacities of the non-governmental partners that have access to CHF funding.

The Capacity Assessment process is comprised of two inter-linked steps, each with its own review and feedback system to ensure transparency. You will find below an overview of the overall process with details of the steps and how to apply:

STEP ONE – Initial Application

To become eligible for funding under the CHF Afghanistan, prospective Implementing Partners will initiate the capacity assessment process by filling out the Initial Application Form and the Initial Application Checklist and return their completed application, together with the required documentation outlined in the Checklist, to the Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU) at

The HFU will then conduct a preliminary review of the application and documents submitted, and provide feedback to the organisation as to whether their application will proceed to the next step of the process. The review is meant to ensure that only organisations that are thought to be able to meet the minimum requirements under the Capacity Assessment process will be recommended for Step Two; as it is a time-consuming and costly process for both the partner and CHF.

STEP TWO – Capacity Assessment

Following completion of Step One, the HFU will share the application documents of organisations that have been recommended with a selected independent contractor who will be in charge of conducting a comprehensive Capacity Assessment. The assessment methodology will be comprised of a desk-based review of the documentation received from the organisation, interviews with key informants and visits to the organisation’s main office and sub-offices where interviews will be conducted with staff members, systems checked and additional documents requested.

The Capacity Assessment Tool that will be used by the contracted company to carry out the assessment is structured around nine technical areas, each with a set number of questions. The objective is for a selected independent contractor to systematically review the institutional, technical, management and financial capacities of partners. Using a scoring and weighting system an overall ‘score’ will be given to the organisation. Upon completion of the capacity assessment, both the partner and the HFU will receive a comprehensive report from the independent contractor outlining its findings and recommendations.

Eligible partners, based on the individual score obtained during the assessment, will be categorised in three risk-level categories. The score will also determine the appropriate operational modalities and control mechanisms that will be applicable to them as defined under the CHF Afghanistan Accountability Framework.

Eligibility Instructions
Eligibility Process:  ChartPresentation
Initial Application Form
Initial Application Checklist


UN Declarations
Conflict of interest
Non-support for a United Nations designated entity
Any previous or pending legal processes or investigations
Recognition of UN compliance activity
False information

NOTE: Questions/comments regarding the capacity assessment process can be addressed to the Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU) at