Governance, Policy and Guidance

The CHF Afghanistan is a funding mechanism under the overall authority of the HC, supported by an Advisory Board and a Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU), which allows donor contributions to be allocated to projects within an agreed coordination and monitoring and reporting framework. In order to allow for the proper management and oversight of the CHF a number of key governance documents have been developed:

Terms of Reference: outline the overall objectives of the CHF Afghanistan and describe the key governance and management processes.

Allocation Guidelines: describe the types of allocations and processes that should be followed, as well as outline the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders involved in the process.

Advisory Board ToR: outline the membership structure of the Advisory Board, as well as the main responsibilities of the members of the Board.

Accountability Framework: provides an overview of the four pillars of accountability under the CHF Afghanistan; including the eligibility process for implementing partners and risk management, monitoring and reporting, evaluation and project auditing.

Guidance to Partners
CHF Afghanistan - Visibility and Communication Guidance
CHF Afghanistan - Remote Call Monitoring - Guidance to Partners