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CHF Funding - 2015 Target

The CHF funding target for 2015 was set by the Humanitarian Coordinator at US$60 million to ensure that the Fund remains a strategic tool with a meaningful impact. This corresponds to approximately 15 per cent of the requirements of the 2015 Humanitarian Response Plan for Afghanistan.

The CHF has to date received a total of US$27.85 million from 4 donor countries, respectively the UK, Australia, Sweden and Denmark, of which US$21.85 has already been allocated early 2015. In addition to these confirmed donations additional funding of US$9.3 million has been pledged by the UK for 2015, bringing the total to US$37.2 million

In order for the CHF to remain a strategic funding tool in support of the Humanitarian Coordinator's leadership; new contributions are urgently needed. The current shortfall for 2015 remains at $22.8 million.