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CHF Funding - 2015 Target

The CHF funding target for 2015 was set by the Humanitarian Coordinator at US$60 million to ensure that the Fund remains a strategic tool with a meaningful impact. This corresponds to approximately 15 per cent of the requirements of the 2015 Humanitarian Response Plan for Afghanistan.

The CHF has to date received a total of US$24.4 million from 4 donor countries, respectively the UK, Australia, Sweden and Denmark. In addition to these confirmed donations additional funding of US$13 million has been pledged by the UK, Australia and Norway for 2015, bringing the total to US$37.4 million.

With USD 21.5 million allocated under the First Standard Allocation 2015, in early June only USD 2.9 million remains available in the Fund for immediate disbursement. In order for the CHF to ensure a strategic Second Standard Allocation round and to sustain a reserve for unforeseen emergencies, new contributions are urgently needed. The current shortfall for 2015 remains at $22.6 million.