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CHF Funding needs for 2016 

The CHF funding target for 2016 set by the Humanitarian Coordinator for US$39.3 million to US$78.6 million will ensure that the Fund remains a strategic tool for a meaningful impact, as well as for a flexible and fast response to address the critical humanitarian needs in Afghanistan in 2016. This corresponds to approximately 10 - 20 per cent of the US$393 million funding requirement of the 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP)  for Afghanistan, the scope of which has been tightly focused for the next 12 months on the most acute life-saving needs of displaced people, either by conflict or natural disasters, of refugees, and for life-saving interventions in health and malnutrition.

In 2015, the CHF received significant contributions from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Germany and the Republic of Korea, which supported 35 partners in serving approximately 3.4 million beneficiaries (internally displaced populations, host communities, refugees and returnees). In 2016, the CHF as already received a contribution of US$1,448,394 from the Government of Denmark. The additional pledges of US$18,072,289 from the United Kingdom and US$930,341 from Sweden have been confirmed, bringing the total to US$20,451,024 thus far. 

With the expected crises outlined in the HRP 2016 , timely donor support is essential, so that resources can be strategically and promptly disbursed to meet sudden needs of vulnerable populations affected by either manmade or natural disasters. In order for the CHF to remain a strategic funding tool in support of the Humanitarian Coordinator's leadership; new contributions to the CHF are urgently needed, with the current shortfall for 2016 at US$18.6 million.