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UNDAC Developing Countries Deployment and Training Project

FCSS works to strengthen national capabilities to respond to sudden-onset disasters through increased developing country membership in the UNDAC system and INSARAG network. Through this project, developing country emergency managers are funded for UNDAC training and participation in UNDAC missions, particularly in their regions, as well as in INSARAG training and development activities.

Disaster Response Preparedness missions are arranged, following an express request to the Emergency Relief Coordinator from the government of a country and the RC, to assist in analyzing national disaster response preparedness plans. The Terms of Reference are agreed with the government and RC prior to dispatch of the mission.

Key objectives

  • Ensure developing country participation in international disaster response networks and activities, such as INSARAG and UNDAC
  • Provide assistance to developing countries in analysing their national disaster response preparedness plans in order to build disaster response capacity in the regions as well as to absorb regional expertise into both INSARAG and UNDAC


FCSS funded 44 participants from developing countries to the various INSARAG meetings, training sessions and exercises organised in 2005. In addition, an INSARAG Awareness Course was held in Tunisia for African and Middle Eastern countries, to increase understanding of and encourage participation in the network.

FCSS funded 32 developing country UNDAC team members from 18 countries on 11 missions in 2005. A further 28 developing country UNDAC members from 17 countries and organizations attended UNDAC courses.

Three UNDAC disaster response preparedness missions took place in 2005 in response to requests from the governments of the Dominican Republic, the Philippines and Georgia, to assist them with development of their national disaster response plans.

Performance evaluation

FCSS continued to expand the number of developing countries participating in the UNDAC system, with the result that the UNDAC team currently comprises 47 percent developing country members among its regional teams in Africa-Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia-Pacific. In this way, not only is national and regional expertise incorporated into UNDAC teams, but developing country members also take home their experiences and lessons learned through participation in UNDAC missions and training events.

UNDAC induction and training courses were held in three regions (Africa-Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific) to facilitate participation and tailor them to regional settings and requirements. UN Agencies and organizations in these regions were included in development of the regional UNDAC teams.

Meetings and exercises of the INSARAG regional teams continued to strengthen the use of common methodology for international urban search and rescue activities in collapsed structure situations, as well as to foster exchanges and build capacity of developing country teams, particularly those from disaster-prone countries.




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