Annex II: Other Trust Funds

Afghanistan Emergency Trust Fund In 2006, programme activities funded by the Afghanistan Emergency Trust Fund (AETF) continued to be implemented through two memoranda of understanding between OCHA and UNAMA. The implementation period of MoU I (relating to € 7.8 million contributed by the Netherlands to support NGO relief and rehabilitation activities) was terminated at the end of 2006 following the financing of a total of 50 projects in nine sectors. The full amount available for this MoU (US$ 8,398,377) was programmed by UNAMA, against which expenditures of US$ 8,343,687 were recorded by the end of 2006. For humanitarian and economic development activities under MoU II, approximately US$ 14.5 million of the US$ 14.8 million available was programmed by UNAMA against 88 projects in capacity-building, disaster preparedness and information management. Due to the weak capacity of implementing partners, and adverse security and weather conditions, some projects under this MoU were delayed or readjusted, and its implementation period was extended to 31 December 2007.

During 2006, the AETF was also used to support the Afghanistan-related activities of the Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), and at UNAMA’s request OCHA provided US$ 400,000 to the United Nations Office for Project Services for the establishment of a local Disaster Response Reserve Fund.

The available balance in the AETF as at the end of the biennium is US$ 2,058,655. The commitments and outstanding advances against the fund as of 31 December 2006 are detailed in the tables opposite.

  Statement of Income and Expenditure 2006  
  Summary of the Afghanistan Emergency Trust Fund (US$)    
1 Opening Balance 16,899,284  
2 Adjustments (11,928)  
3 Income from Contributions  
4 Transfers, Refunds, Savings (3,227,097)  
5 Other Funds Available 379,180  
6 Total Funds Available 14,039,439  
7 Expenditure 3,557,271  
8 Closing balance 10,482,168  

  Income and Expenditure Breakdown 2006  
  Income from Voluntary Contributions  
  EXPENDITURES 1,255,503  
  Staff Costs  
  Consultant Fees and Travel 260,352  
  Travel 1,037,576  
  Operating Expenses 338,627  
  Contractual Services 505,756  
  Supplies, Materials, Furniture and Equipment 505,756  
  Fellowships, Grants and Contributions 290  
  Programme Support Costs 159,167  
  Total Expenditure 3,557,271  

  Reserves and Fund Balances as at 31 December 2006 10,482,168  
  Outstanding Advances and Commitments 54,690  
  Against MoU I with UNAMA  
  Outstanding Advances and Commitments 7,714,824  
  Against MoU II with UNAMA  
  Outstanding Advances and Commitments 400,000  
  Against MoU with UNOPS  
  Outstanding Advances with Mine Action NGOs 122,9 1 1  
  Unallocated Mine Action Funds 122,9 1 1  
  to be Transferred to UNMAS  
  Other Outstanding Advances 8,1 7 7  
  Balance of Funds for other Activities in 2007 2,058,655  

Tsunami Trust Fund

In 2006, programme activities funded by the Tsunami Trust Fund continued to be implemented: support was provided in both Indonesia and Sri Lanka to address ongoing humanitarian coordination needs. In both countries, the Humanitarian Information Centres supported by OCHA provided information products and services that enabled the humanitarian community to deliver assistance more effectively. Funds were also provided to the Humanitarian Response Fund in Somalia for projects that sought to reinforce livelihoods and positive coping mechanisms of the populations on the
650-kilometre affected coastline.

Funds were provided to support the first phase of the initiative for the strengthening of national capacities for the tsunami early warning and response system in the Indian Ocean, implemented through OCHA’s regional office structure. Specific activities undertaken during this preparatory phase included missions to nine priority countries, meetings with implementing partners and coordination with national disaster management authorities.

OCHA contributed funds from the Tsunami Trust Fund towards the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (TEC). A report by the TEC on the overall amounts from the Tsunami Trust Funds channelled through OCHA in 2005 and 2006 was released in December 2006. The document covers 67 projects from 14 United Nations organizations, to which US $74.6 million has been allocated to seven countries and at the regional level.

  Trust Fund for Tsunami Disaster Relief*    
  Summary TOTAL  
1 Opening Balance 10,915,898  
2 Adjustments (3,436,418)  
3 Income 100  
4 Transfers, Refunds, Savings 2,129,590  
5 Other Funds Available 761,098  
6 Total Funds Available 10,370,268  
7 Expenditure 5,925,421  
8 Allocations to UN Agencies  
9 Closing Balance 4,444,847  

* All figures subject to audit

1. The opening balance reflects the situation of each Trust Fund as of 1 January 2006.

2. Includes adjustments to prior period income and expenditure.

3. Includes contributions from donors for 2006.

4. Includes transfers between Trust Funds, refunds to donors and savings on prior period obligations.

5. Consists of interest, miscellaneous income and exchange adjustments for 2006.

6. Consists of the opening balance and income (addition of 1+2+3+4+5).

7. Includes disbursements and unliquidated obligations as of 31 December 2006.

8. Consists of allocations provided to UN agencies for implementation of tsunami projects.

9. Includes operating cash reserves and fund balances as of 31 December 2006.