Annex III: Central Emergency Relief Fund – Loan Portion

The loan portion of the Central Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) is used primarily when there is a need for interim funds during an emergency, covering funding gaps while other funds are en route.

The loan portion of the CERF maintained solid financial standing during 2006, with a total of US$ 53,272,337 advanced during the course of the year.

Of the total funds disbursed in advances during 2006, US$ 27,422,337 (50 per cent of the total) had already been reimbursed by the end of the year. A total of US$ 28,250,000 remained outstanding, of which US$ 22,800,000 (42 percent of the total due) was to be paid during the first quarter of 2007. US$ 3,050,000 is to be paid in the last quarter of 2007, and US$ 2,400,000 is overdue from loans issued in 2005.

  Country Agencies involved Total  
  Sudan • UNICEF (4 requests) 18,800,000  
    • FAO (1 request) 8,422,337  
    • WFP (1 request) 18,000,000  
    • OCHA Sudan (1 request) 4,000,000  
    • DPKO/UNMAS (1 request) 1,000,000  
    • UNDP (1 request) 1,400,000  
  Total   US$ 51,622,337  
  Afghanistan • DPKO/UNMAS (1 request) US$ 1,650,000