Annex II

Specially Designated Contributions

Specially Designated Contributions comprise a category of funds managed on behalf of the wider humanitarian system by OCHA. They are used for the implementation of emergency relief assistance activities by United Nations agencies and NGO partners. In most cases, these contributions are subject to only three percent programme support. The Programme Support generated from managing SDCs is spent inter alia on administrative costs of managing these activities.

SDCs are flow-through funds (or grants) which do not form part of the requirements in OCHA in 2008, or any subsequent OCHA budget revisions during the year. As such, these funds should be considered separately from OCHA’s own requirements, income and expenditure. This year, to reflect more clearly and accurately (1) OCHA’s own activities (both within and outside its appealed-for requirements) and (2) contributions handled by OCHA but spent by the wider humanitarian system, SDCs are addressed independently herein.

In 2008, SDCs included the following categories of funds:

The combined closing balance for the SDCs was $99.1 million, of which $80.9 million was carried over in the sub-category of ERFs. This was largely due to the late receipt of funds in the year (third quarter). The majority of the carryover for the ERFs related to the two largest funds: Ethiopia and Somalia.

Specially Designated Contributions
Categories Opening Balance Add: Contributions and Other Income Add/(Less): Adjustments Transfers Refunds Less: Expenditure Closing Balance
UNDAC Mission Accounts 1,425,340 502,005 518,121 1,409,224
Natural Disaster — Prepositioned Funds 3,213,239 1,815,476 179,030 5,207,745
Natural Disaster Grants 11,652,391 76,666 (6,334,550)1 1,503,783 3,890,724
Relief Stock Items 3,323,935 3,113,085 (384,615) 768,635 5,283,770
Emergency Response Funds 42,495,703 98,707,383 (2,439,125)2 57,853,299 80,910,662
PROCAP and GENCAP Rosters 1,399,572 2,369,0003 2,369,000 1,399,572
Juba Initiative Project 3,341,788 4,268,7694 6,631,062 979,495
Totals 62,110,608 108,955,975 (2,341,491) 69,643,900 99,081,192
1 — Includes adjustments for the reclassification of 2007 natural disaster projects with opening balances totaling ($4,480,044) as OCHA Mandated Activities; other adjustments of $1,946; transfers to other projects of $1,333,982; and refunds of $518,578 to donors.
2 — Includes adjustments for the reclassification of 2007 specially designated activities with opening balances totaling ($2,999,739) as OCHA Mandated Activities; and net transfers of $560,614 to establish separate projects in 2009 for the grant facility of Emergency Response Funds.
3 — Consists of transfers totaling $2,369,000 to establish separate projects in 2009 for the grant facility of PROCAP and GENCAP.
4 — Includes the adjustment for the opening balance of $3,768,769 for the Juba Initiative Project that was not classified as a specially designated activity in 2007; and the transfer of $500,000 loaned from the unearmarked sub-account.