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D. How and where OCHA
spent its funding in 2009

Total expenditure, including expenditure under the RB and extra-budgetary spending, amounted to $208 million (compared to $209 million in 2008). Just under three quarters of combined OCHA RB and extra-budgetary expenditure in 2009 was spent on field-based humanitarian coordination (57 per cent spent in the field, 13 per cent on direct Headquarters’ support for humanitarian coordination in the field). The remaining expenditure was spent on supporting the delivery of its core mandates: normative and policy development, humanitarian financing, information management and advocacy. Expenditure by thematic area and region is outlined in Chart 1 and Chart 2.

In 2009, 73 per cent of OCHA expenditure was on staff costs and 27 per cent on non-staff costs. This underscores the important legal and contractual constraints that OCHA faces in reducing its expenditure in light of underfunding.The overall expenditure rate during 2009 was 87 per cent, which is fully in line with the average OCHA expenditure rate. Annex II (Table 6) shows a detailed breakdown of expenditure.

Chart 1: Expenditure by Activities, Chart 2: Expenditure by Region

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