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B. OCHA’s budget in 2009

In its Annual Plan and Budget for 2009, OCHA published a comprehensive budget of $240 million, which was revised to $253 million following the finalization of plans to open a substantial office in Afghanistan. Of this total, OCHA sought $216 million in voluntary contributions, the remainder being covered by the RB ($12 million) and the Programme Support Account ($25 million). In January 2009, after analysing projected income and consulting with the donor community, OCHA took the difficult decision to cut $18 million from the budget and held to this revised total budget of $235 million at Mid-Year Review. Later in the year, the sudden-onset crises in the Philippines, Indonesia and Yemen extended the budget. However, the increase was partly offset by cuts in other areas and the final budget for 2009 was $237.7 million. A detailed budget breakdown is presented in Annex II (Table 5).

Table 1: Budget Total for 2009 (PDF 85kb)