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C. How OCHA is funded

OCHA is funded mainly through voluntary contributions from Member States. The European Commission is also a major donor. OCHA receives very limited contributions from private and/or corporate donors. Voluntary contributions cover 94 per cent of the OCHA global budget.

OCHA’s remaining funding needs are met from the RB, covering approximately 6 per cent of OCHA’s global budget. The General Assembly approves the RB every two years. It is funded from assessed contributions paid by each United Nations Member State according to a formula that takes into account their relative gross domestic product. The amount of RB funding appropriated for use by OCHA has decreased in relative terms as a proportion of the OCHA budget, from 12 per cent in the 2002-2003 biennium to 6 per cent in the 2008-2009 biennium.

Table 2: 2007-2009 Donor Income (PDF 30kb)