Highlights 2011

  • OCHA helped assemble the Common Humanitarian Framework, which outlines an advocacy and planning strategy for the humanitarian community over an 18-month period.
  • OCHA helped allocate almost $10 million, using the HCT and inter-cluster group to help determine needs and priorities. The funds targeted over 250,000 people, and supported an increased humanitarian presence in areas where access has been problematic. In 2011, OCHA allocated $1.6 million in Emergency Response Funds for nine projects implemented by national and international NGOs, benefiting about 340,000 people.
  • Through initiatives with the Government and civil society organizations, OCHA helped promote humanitarian principles, enhance advocacy and improve humanitarian response.
  • OCHA ensured that community confinement was considered as a serious humanitarian issue by developing a study and holding workshops and bilateral discussions. The Government’s Confinement Working Group includes OCHA, UNHCR, the Ombudsman Office and the Department of Social Prosperity. ECHO also prioritized confined communities in its Humanitarian Implementation Plan for 2012.


An elderly woman makes her way through the flooded streets of Cordoba, Colombia. © Julian Zosa/OCHA