Highlights 2011

  • Immediately after the retreat of Ansar Al-Sharia, OCHA led an inter-agency rapid assessment in Abyan and the south, based on which a six-month Abyan and South Response Plan was developed to assist previously unreachable people in need.
  • Humanitarian access increased in 2012. This was partly due to violence subsiding in places such as Abyan; OCHA’s negotiations with the de facto authorities in Sa’ada; and OCHA training for local NGOs, including in Abyan and Hadramaut Governorates. OCHA also helped to convince WFP to start UNHAS flights to Sa’ada Governorate.
  • OCHA’s advocacy with INGOs’ HQs to set up operations in Yemen and OCHA’s support for INGOs in applying for visas and registration resulted in a large increase in the number of humanitarian INGOs and their staffing levels, thus increasing implementation capacity. Resource mobilization events were organized in Sana’a, Cairo, Riyadh, Dubai and Scandinavia. They contributed to a substantial increase in funding of the 2012 YHRP.

A rooftop shelter in an occupied school in Sheik Othman in Aden, Yemen. © Lindsay Mackenzie/IRIN