Humanitarian Programme Cycle

Please be informed that the The Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP) as used up until September 2013 has been discontinued in line with the IASC Transformative Agenda. Henceforth appeals are organised by way of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle. Appeal-related documents will be uploaded to this site until September 2014 to ensure continuity and they can be used for reference purposes.

Please refer to  for information about the HPC and all documents relating to the 2015 Strategic Response Planning cycle and onwards.

With the leadership of the government and the support of the international community, Ethiopians can survive this crisis without witnessing a repeat of the devastating famine that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives 30 years ago. Full Story >>
Displaced children and their parents often prioritize access to school but donors do not always follow suit. The critical funding gaps for the education sector in Darfur mean children displaced by violence may have to forego schooling. Full Story >>
Even before the recent spike in violence, Yemen faced one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. The current conflict could have catastrophic consequences. Full Story >>

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