Consolidated Appeal for Burundi 2006

30 November 2005

 The Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP) 2006 will be launched in a new political environment, led by the first democratically elected government since 1993.  As in 2004 and 2005, the CAP will strive to ensure continued support for much needed humanitarian assistance during this period of early stabilisation and recovery.

Despite remarkable institutional and political progress, the situation in Burundi is still characterised by extremely fragile living conditions, due to acute food insecurity, which affects large parts of the population, as well as very limited access to basic services.  Moreover, the on-going armed conflict in some provinces requires the humanitarian community to provide an emergency response and continue to attend to the protection of the civilian population.

A robust early warning and rapid response capacity for recurrent health or food emergencies is still necessary in a context marked by a weak government capacity to respond to short-term needs.  By containing the main life-threatening risks, humanitarian projects will allow for a sound transition from relief to recovery and longer-term programmes.  Particular consideration will be given to strengthening national capacities in these key sectors.

Taking into account the developments of the past year, the various assessments and studies carried out throughout the year, and contributions from specialised Government agencies, United Nations (UN) agencies, and international and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the 2006 CAP streamlines a range of life-saving and recovery humanitarian responses, based upon four strategic priorities:

  • Continuously monitor protection and human rights issues affecting the population, and promote and disseminate human rights;
  • Build and strengthen capacities for early warning and rapid response, so the response reaches populations at risk;
  • Support the process of transition from relief to development, with an emphasis on short- to medium-term programmes focusing on population reinsertion and community recovery;
  • Mitigate the effects of disparities between different population groups and regions, especially with regard to access to basic services and resources at the household level.

The overall amount requested in the present CAP for the implementation of humanitarian and transitional recovery programmes is US$ 127,799,889.  


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30 November 2005

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