Democratic People's Republic of Korea Floods Flash Appeal 2007

27 August 2007

Torrential rains between 7 and 14 August 2007 caused severe flooding in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), killing over 450 people and affecting over 960,000.  Nine provinces in central and northern DPRK are worst affected, as well as the capital Pyongyang. Nearly 170,000 people have been made homeless.

Preliminary assessments have identified major damage to key transport and communications infrastructure, medical services and power supply.  Over 240,000 homes have been destroyed or are badly damaged.  Significant damage to crops has been reported, adding to ongoing concerns regarding food insecurity.

Priority needs include essential medicines, clean water, and food for the worst-affected communities. With tens of thousands of people living in temporary shelters, urgent concerns have been expressed over supplies of potable water and preventing further cases of waterborne disease. However, the Government of DPRK has not requested assistance with shelter materials or non-food items (NFIs).

Support must be provided to ensure access to basic essential medicines, to strengthen disease surveillance and outbreak response.  Measures need to be taken immediately to provide the most vulnerable with basic food items and to prevent malnutrition.

Assistance is needed immediately in order to ensure an early recovery of cereal production and thereby farmer’s ability to supplement winter crops. Flood-damaged schools will reopen in early September and assistance will be required to repair them in time and to ensure that children have the supplies they need.

This Flash Appeal includes 11 projects in six sectors, submitted by United Nations agencies and European Union Programme Support Units (EUPS)[1] operating in DPRK.  Aiming to complement and coordinate with the response by national Government and other bilateral support pledged, the Appeal requests a total amount of US$[2] 14,102,922 to address the most pressing needs of the worst-affected people over the next three months.

[1]See page 14, footnote 6

[2]All dollar figures in this document are United States dollars. Funding for this appeal should be reported to the Financial Tracking Service (FTS,

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27 August 2007

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