Ethiopia: Government-UN Joint Emergency Flood Appeal for Somali Regional State 2006

28 November 2006

The 2006 Government-UN Joint Emergency Flood Appeal for Somali Regional State flooding seeks a total of US$ 7,006,063 to meet emergency non-food requirements as well as medium-term rehabilitation needs for the flood affected areas of the Region, with non-food US$ 6,326,164 and medium-term rehabilitation US$ 679,899 (see summary table below). The food need for the flood victims for three months is estimated to be 19,820 MT, which is to be covered by the DPPA from its existing relief resources or regular programs.

During the last week of October, Wabi-Sheblle River burst its banks and flooded the Lower Sheblle areas of Gode and Afder zones. The overflow of Weyib and Fafen rivers also inundated parts of Liben and Korahe zones, respectively. Altogether, the unprecedented flooding is reported to have killed 80 people and affected approximately 362,000 people, of which 122,500 are displaced. Moreover, the floods washed away livestock and damaged the already scarce infrastructure, including bridges and roads.The floods largely affected Mustahil, Kelafo, West Gode and Fefer woredas of the Region. Due to inaccessibility, the full extent of the damage caused by the floods is not yet known. This problem has hindered emergency relief distributionand several trucks are temporarily stranded in Shilabo woreda. Furthermore, epidemics of water-borne diseases have reportedly increased in the flooded areas, including diarrhoea. Prices of non-staple food items have considerably increased in the Region due to the flood incidence.

After a high level mission led by the Deputy Prime Minister visited the affected areas, the DPPNC has recommended the issuance of a joint emergency flood appeal to address the crisis. Meanwhile, government and humanitarian partners are providing emergency assistance to meet urgent needs. An emergency taskforce comprised of government, UN agencies and NGOs has been established in Gode.

In addition to the emergency food and non-food requirements, a total of USD 865,336 (included in the above shown sum) is urgently required for emergency logistics including renting and operational costs of helicopters and boats for transportation of relief items to the affected population. 


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28 November 2006

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