Extended and Revised Flash Appeal for Kyrgyzstan 2010

18 November 2010
Revised Flash Appeal: 23 July 2010

Duration: until 30 June 2011
Affected population in directly-affected areas  
1,495,100 people, including: 218,280 children under 6; 71,765 above 65 years; 712,319 women; 355,000 IDPs/returnees/hosts
Affected population in indirectly-affected areas 
3,811,000 people, including: 552,595 children under 6; 182,928 above 65 years; 1,940,820 women
Areas targeted by Flash Appeal  Directly-affected areas: Osh, Jalalabad and Batken Provinces
Indirectly-affected areas: Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Talas and Chui Provinces
Key sectors for response
Health, Food Security & Agriculture,  Protection, Education, Community Restoration (Early Recovery), Water, Sanitation and Hygeine
Key target beneficiaries 
400,000 in directly-affected areas; 410,000 in indirectly-affected areas
Funding requested per beneficiary: Approximately $116
Total funding requested: $94,231,852
Unmet requirements: $37,960,721 $46

Five months on since a major outbreak of interethnic violence in southern Kyrgyzstan in June 2010, the humanitarian needs of the affected population still require a coordinated response by the international community.  Urgent humanitarian needs directly resulting from mass violence and displacement, arson and other grave human rights violations have also had an indirect impact on the social and economic situation across the country.  While the violence and conflict have receded and the turbulent political transition process has largely been peaceful, the fragility of the current peace is a continuing cause for concern. 

On 18 June 2010, in response to the acute humanitarian needs generated by the outbreak of interethnic violence in Osh and Jalalabad, humanitarian partners in Kyrgyzstan launched a Flash Appeal for $73 million .  The Appeal was revised in July to reflect changes in the operational environment, and incorporate the results of needs assessments.  The revision sought revised financial requirements of $96.4 million.  To date, the Appeal has received $56 million (60%) of its revised requirements which has allowed the humanitarian community to provide urgently needed assistance to those affected by the violence.  However, financial assistance was often slow in coming and was unevenly distributed among the clusters.  A lack of funding has particularly affected progress in meeting the population’s needs in Early Recovery, Agriculture and Education.

Unresolved tensions, ethnic divisions, a general mistrust of authorities and the profound economic consequences of the violence have left communities at severe risk of further conflict, and of falling into greater vulnerability.  Considering the prevailing chronic vulnerabilities of part of the Kyrgyzstan population prior to the June events, continued support from the international community is essential for the affected population to cope with the short and medium term consequences of the crisis. Without international assistance to populations in need of livelihood, food and protection support, there is a real risk of that the fragile recovery may be disrupted, with security implications to the whole Central Asian region. 

The Humanitarian Country Team, together with the Inter Cluster Coordination Group has identified and prioritised urgent and essential programmes and this extension and revision of the Flash Appeal builds on ongoing progress and reflects the latest assessed needs and agreed strategic priorities to address remaining humanitarian needs in Kyrgyzstan.  While donors have pledged economic and development aid to Kyrgyzstan, full recovery of affected communities may take years.  Remaining humanitarian needs must and can be addressed sooner through acceleration of existing programmes and reprioritization of interventions.  This extended and revised Flash Appeal requests $94,231,852.  The funding received to date of $56,271,131 leaves the revised Appeal 60% funded, with unmet requirements of $37,960,721 to address the needs outlined within this document.

Document History

18 November 2010
Revised Flash Appeal: 23 July 2010

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