Mid-Year Review of the Common Humanitarian Action Plan for Sri Lanka 2008

16 July 2008

The Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) country team in Sri Lanka in consultation with the Government of Sri Lanka, donors and agencies involved in humanitarian relief and early recovery activities agreed that the scenarios described in the Common Humanitarian Action Plan 2008 remain largely valid - they had been revised early in 2008, following the Government’s announcement of its withdrawal from the Ceasefire Agreement.  The 2008 Mid-Year Review process enabled stakeholders, under the direction of the Sector Leads to look critically at progress made to date, to note changes in context and needs, and to update response plans appropriately. 

The fighting in the North has intensified, but has not led to large numbers of new internally displaced persons (IDPs).  The maximum number of new displacements has therefore, been revised downward from 300,000 to 230,000.  Although the potential new IDP caseload has been reduced, many of the communities exposed to insecurity and fighting in the North facing multiple displacements, need to be factored into humanitarian planning and response. 

The priority area for humanitarian relief is now centred on the conflict affected zones of the North where access remains difficult and the number of IDPs has slowly increased during the first 5 months of 2008, and could rapidly increase at any time.  Security concerns, access restrictions and limits on the importation of food, fuel, medicines, equipment and other materials have made the implementation of relief operations increasingly complex and added to the cost of operations. 

In the East, focus is on the returnee population, with an urgent need to support activities that will build confidence and support stabilisation of communities.  Without a timely injection of funding for basic infrastructure and early recovery activities, particularly to support resumption of sustainable livelihoods and improve medium term food security, the already fragile coping mechanisms of vulnerable displaced and returnee families will further deteriorate.

Based on the evolving situation and resulting changes in the humanitarian context, the Mid Year Review introduces new projects and revisions to existing projects and brings the total revised funding requirements to US$[1] 195.7 million.  The $20.3 million (10%) increase is due to significantly higher food, fuel and operational costs.  As of 25 June, the Sri Lanka appeal had received $64 million, leaving an outstanding funding requirement for 2008 of $131.4 million.   

[1]All dollar signs in this document denote United States dollars.  Funding for this appeal should be reported to the Financial Tracking Service (FTS, fts@reliefweb.int), which will display its requirements and funding on the CAP 2008 page. 



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16 July 2008

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