Sri Lanka Joint Plan of Assistance to the Northern Province (JPA) 2011

18 February 2011

The document is the result of a consultative process led by the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) through the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on assistance needed during 2011 to help people in the Northern Province to recover and rebuild their lives. Upon the Government’s invitation this process was undertaken jointly with the United Nations and its agencies (UN), national and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and International Organizations (IOs). 

The objective of this “Joint Plan for Assistance for Northern Province in 2011” (JPA), is to identify the priority activities that must be undertaken during 2011; and it is to facilitate international assistance, in order that the people of northern province can recover, rebuild and return to a normal life. The ultimate aim of such work is to ensure the long-term sustainable development of the Northern Province within the shortest timeframe possible.

The JPA outlines the considerable accomplishments made by the Government and its partners during 2010 during which hundreds of thousands of displaced families returned to their homes and began the long process of recovery and rebuilding. This document also outlines what remains to be done during 2011, and the assistance needed to do it.

The starting point for the JPA are the guidelines provided by the PTF for assistance in 2011. Using these guidelines, groups met to consider what was needed in 2011 for key sectors. These groups each brought together Secretaries and key staff from Central Government ministries, Provincial Government representatives, the Government Agents, senior staff from the PTF, together with staff from United Nations Agencies, the International Organization for Migrations (IOM), and national and international NGOs.

A process was also identified for monitoring the progress on the JPA which aims to ensure there is more assistance, that such assistance is the most effective for the people and the institutions that need it, that it is consistent with the Government’s plans, and with internationally established principles for such assistance.

Document History

18 February 2011

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