Consolidated Appeal

Sahel Humanitarian Response Plan 2014-2016

3 February 2014


Deteriorating outlook in a number of big countries driving numbers up in 2014

Humanitarian Needs Overview (PDF)

Région du Sahel
Plan de Réponse Stratégique
2014-2016 - Résumé exécutif

Version française PDF
Version française Word

Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen 2014-2015

17 February 2014

Strategic Response Plan for Somalia 2014

11 December 2013

Strategic objectives

Humanitarian Action Plan for Haiti 2014

17 December 2013

Humanitarian Needs Overview
January 2014
The document "Humanitarian Needs Overview for Haiti 2014 (HNO)" is included in the "Humanitarian Action Plan for Haiti 2014"

July 2014
HNO - July 2014 update

Periodic Monitoring Report
PMR - January - July 2014

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Strategic Response Plan for the Republic of Chad 2014-2016

3 February 2014

Strategic objectives

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