Flash Appeal

Flash Appeal for Lao People's Democratic Republic 2009

18 November 2009

Revision of the Flash Appeal for Honduras 2009

8 April 2009

Flash Appeal for Yemen 2009

2 September 2009

Revision of the Flash Appeal for Philippines 2009

16 November 2009

Flash Appeal for Philippines 2009

16 November 2009

Flash Appeal for the occupied Palestinian territory- Gaza 2009

2 February 2009

Between December 27 and January 18, Israeli forces conducted a major combined military operation in the Gaza Strip.  The operation lasted for 23 days and comprised bombardment by land, sea and air and incursions into Gaza by Israeli troops.  Before and during that period, Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups fired rockets from Gaza into Israel, and engaged Israeli troops in Gaza during the ground invasion.

Revision of the Flash Appeal for Kyrgyzstan 2009

9 February 2009

Flash Appeal for El Salvador 2009

18 November 2009

The combined effect of Hurricane Ida and a low-pressure system off the Pacific Coast led to heavy rainfall in El Salvador, from Saturday to Sunday November 7-8, causing severe flooding and landslides in seven of the country’s 14 departments.  In just a few hours, 355mm of rainfall was registered in the most adversely affected areas, not far off the 400mm registered during four days of Hurricane Mitch (1998). 

Flash Appeal for Burkina Faso 2009

11 September 2009

Since June 2009, several West African countries have been affected by unrelenting rains causing the loss of human lives, and massive destruction of infrastructure including dwellings and harvests.  Some 600,000 people have been affected and these torrential rains have led to the death of 159 people, notably in Sierra Leone.  Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger and Sierra Leone are among the most affected countries.

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