Revue à mi-parcours de l'Appel global pour la République du Congo 2007

17 July 2007

Quelques chiffres concernant la République du Congo

Peru Earthquake Flash Appeal 2007

24 August 2007

Pakistan Cyclone and Floods Flash Appeal 2007

18 July 2007

Intense storms and a major cyclone at the end of June and early July 2007 caused severe flooding in Pakistan, displacing over 300,000 people and affecting more than 2.5 million.  Balochistan and Sindh provinces in southern Pakistan are worst affected, with 280 confirmed deaths and a further 188 missing persons.  The flooding has already spread to 18 districts in Balochistan and a further five in Sindh, and the monsoon season is expected to continue for the next two to three months.

Consolidated Appeal for occupied Palestinian territory 2007

30 November 2006

Since the beginning of 2006, political, economic and social conditions have sharply deteriorated for Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).  A political impasse has taken hold, characterised by economic and military pressure by Israel including the withholding of Palestinian customs revenues, increasing divisions within the Palestinian Authority, and the diversion of direct international assistance away from key Palestinian Authority institutions.

Vol 2 : PDF  Word

Nicaragua Hurricane "Felix" Flash Appeal 2007

14 September 2007

Nepal Common Appeal for Transition Support 2007

23 February 2007

Mozambique Floods and Cyclone Flash Appeal 2007

12 March 2007

Madagascar Floods Flash Appeal 2007

15 March 2007

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