Plan d'Action Humanitaire pour Haïti 2014

15 January 2014

Haïti a accompli des progrès substantiels pour se relever des chocs multiples des dernières années:

Aperçu des besoins humanitaires
Janvier 2014
Le document "Aperçu des besoins humanitaires pour Haïti 2014 (Humanitarian Needs Overview - HNO)" est inclus dans le document "Plan d'Action Humanitaire pour Haïti 2014".

Juillet 2014 
version anglaise uniquement
HNO - July 2014 update

Rapport de suivi périodique
version anglaise uniquement
PMR - January - July 2014

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Crisis Response Plan for South Sudan (January - March 2014)

31 December 2013


The humanitarian situation in South Sudan has deteriorated sharply since 15 December 2013. Violence erupted in the capital Juba and quickly spread, affecting six of the country’s ten states. In two weeks, up to 180,000 people have been forced to flee their homes, including some 70,000 seeking shelter in UN peacekeeping bases. It is expected that needs will escalate further in the coming weeks.   

Strategic Response Plan for Sudan 2014

27 December 2013

Substantial humanitarian action will be required in Sudan in 2014. Overall, a total of 6.1 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance including life-saving interventions, protection from conflict and violence, strengthening household and community coping mechanisms and, where conditions permit, supporting longer-term solutions to the plight of IDPs and Refugees.

Arabic version

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Overview of Global Humanitarian Response 2014

16 December 2013


Version française

Aperçu de la réponse humanitaire au niveau mondial 2014



 Versión española

Panorama general de la respuesta humanitaria mundial en 2014



Sahel Humanitarian Response Plan 2014-2016

3 February 2014


Deteriorating outlook in a number of big countries driving numbers up in 2014

Humanitarian Needs Overview (PDF)

Région du Sahel
Plan de Réponse Stratégique
2014-2016 - Résumé exécutif

Version française PDF
Version française Word

Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen 2014-2015

17 February 2014

Strategic Response Plan for Somalia 2014

11 December 2013

Strategic objectives

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