Mid-Year Review of the Consolidated Appeal for Burundi 2005

29 June 2005

The Mid-Year Review of the 2005 CAP for Burundi focuses on summarising adjustments of specific humanitarian actions to be carried out on the basis of assessments, evaluations, and progress of implementation of activities in the first six months of 2005. 

The strategy and objectives described in the 2005 CHAP, summarised below, remain unchanged to address key humanitarian needs in Burundi. 

  • Protection of civilians affected by ongoing-armed conflict, insecurity and displacement;
  • Access to basic services for all groups of the population on an equal basis and enhancing the quality of basic service provision especially in health/nutrition and education;
  • Food security defined in terms of access to, and availability of, adequate food intake at the household level so as to ensure healthy physical and mental development. 

Overall improvement in security conditions and the general progress of the political transition process are important factors contributing to a gradual stabilisation of the population in Burundi. Nevertheless, the long-term consequences of the crisis in the country continue to require a systematic combination of responses ranging from life-saving activities, to strengthened community-based reconstruction initiatives, to supporting population reintegration in the short-term.

As of 10 June, estimated funding of the 2005 CAP for Burundi amounted to US$ 39,691,291, which represents approximately 33% of revised requested funding to date. The total funding requirements of the 2005 CAP Mid-year Review amount to US$ 121,421,099. In addition, food aid requirements for Burundi, included in the Great Lakes 2005 CAP Mid-year Review amount to US$ 23,420,796.

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29 June 2005

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