Policy and Guidance


SRP 2014 guidance and template
2014 Strategic Response Planning - Guidance [English - French]
2014 Strategic Response Plan - Template annotated [English - French] 
2014 Strategic Response Plan - Blank template [English - French] 
Draft annotated model workshop outline
Online Planning / Project System (OPS) for SRP's and Flash Appeals
Gender marker website
Short indicators note for Strategic Response Plan facilitators [English - French]
The Humanitarian Programme Cycle [EnglishFrench]
Consolidated list of examples of 2013 Strategic Objectives


CAP MYR 2013 Guidance documents
CAP MYR 2013 Document template blank
CAP MYR 2013 Document template blank with guidance text
CAP MYR 2013 Timeline Batch 1, June 13
CAP MYR 2013 Timeline Batch 2, June 20
CAP MYR 2013 Numbers
CAP Guideline for Word


CAP 2013 guidance and template
Reference guide for developing the 2013 Consolidated Appeals
Guidelines on using OCHA MS Word Template
2013 CAP Document Template (with guidance text and examples)
2013 CAP Document Template (blank, with no guidance text)
2013 CAP Field Timeline (Batch 1 Nov 7)
2013 CAP Field Timeline (Batch 2 Nov 14)


CAP MYR 2012 Guidance documents
CAP MYR 2012 Reference Guide
CAP MYR 2012 Timeline Batch 1, June 18
CAP MYR 2012 Timeline Batch 2, June 25
CAP MYR 2012 HQ workflow dates, Batch 1, June 18
CAP MYR 2012 HQ workflow dates, Batch 2, June 25
CAP MYR 2012 Document template


Older versions of CAP Guidelines
CAP 2012 Guidelines (as of 15 September 2011)


Flash Appeals
Flash Appeal Guidelines (as of October 2010)
Flash Appeal blank template (as of February 2013)
Flash Appeals: what you need to know
Flash Appeals and Early Recovery January 2009


Style and formatting guides
CAP writing and editing guide (as of May 2012)
Formatting guide
Style guide [English - French]


Dashboard and Consolidated Appeals
Dashboard 2013 CAP Template
Guidance on the Dashboard and Consolidated Appeals 2013
Dashboard Matrix
Dashboard 2012 Mid-Year Review Template
 Guidance on the Dashboard and the MYR 2012


Roles and responsibilities in Consolidated Appeals
Role of the Humanitarian Coordinator in Consolidated Appeal Processes
Role of Cluster Coordinators in Consolidated Appeal Processes


IASC Documents on Consolidated Appeals
Framework Cluster Coordination at Country Level
IASC policy on emergency strategy and appeal documents, June 2003
Which projects go into which sectors
IASC Guidance on project selection and prioritisation
Thematic CAP on preparedness report


Needs Assessment
The Multi Cluster/Sector Initial Rapid Assessment (MIRA) approach, IASC - 2012
Needs Analysis Framework [English - French]
Operational Guidance for Coordinated Assessments in Humanitarian Crises (March 2012)