Our Stakeholders

Humanitarian Partners

Humanitarian stakeholders in the CAP are international and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), United Nations Agencies.

Over the past ten years, the number of participating NGOs has risen from four to roughly 400. The number of projects submitted by NGOs to appeals has risen from nine to 1,900 since 2000. Indeed, in 2010, NGO projects outnumbered those submitted by the United Nations significantly.

All humanitarian organizations implementing projects in the framework of a humanitarian response operation are encouraged to include their project in the CAP documents, so as to be part of the strategic planning cycle.


Donor organizations are part of the CAP consultations in the country where they have a presence. They are invited to make inputs to the development of appeals, and frequently conduct donor missions for this purpose.

Consolidated appeals allow donor organizations to have an overview of the context, the strategic objectives, the sector response plans and the projects and budget connected to those in a country with a humanitarian emergency. It can serve as a guide for donors as to where their money is needed and most effectively placed, as it will be used to implement projects which are part of a wider strategy.

Member States

Three times a year, United Nations Member States are invited to the Launches of the Humanitarian Appeal. This consists of the Global Launch in November, the Humanitarian Funding Conference in January (so called Kick-off) and the Mid-Year Review Launch in July.

The Launches are an opportunity for Permanent Representatives to the United Nations and their humanitarian focal points to get an overview of the Humanitarian Appeals for the year to come, the total budget required to cover the needs on the ground, and the key trends and messages of humanitarian aid. At the Humanitarian Funding Conference Member States are invited to make their pledges for appeals. The Launches are also an opportunity to coordinate with other Member States so that contributions to appeals are distributed over crises and sectors in a balanced way.

Member States and donor organizations are also encouraged to register their funding on the Financial Tracking Service (FTS), http://fts.unocha.org, which helps the humanitarian community as well as donor organizations and Member States to have an overview of the status of funding of humanitarian crisis response operations.

Private Sector

OCHA is increasing its outreach to private-sector organizations, and will invite representatives to global CAP launches and humanitarian resourcing conferences. OCHA hopes this initiative will create partnerships that contribute to the effective delivery of humanitarian assistance wherever it is needed.