About CHF Central African Republic

The Common Humanitarian Fund in the Central African Republic (CHF-CAR) is a pooled funding mechanism which, under the overall authority of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC), is intended to give the HC greater ability to allocate funds to address the most critical humanitarian needs in CAR, encourage early donor contributions and enable rapid response to unforeseen circumstances. Since December 2013, a UN-wide Level 3 Emergency was declared to respond to the crisis and mobilize efforts and resources.

The fund was established in July 2008 as an expansion of the Emergency Response Fund (ERF) in CAR. Humanitarian projects that address the priorities identified in the Strategic Response Plan (SRP) for CAR are eligible for CHF-CAR funding.

Priority programmes and projects that will be funded by the CHF-CAR are implemented by UN Organizations and national and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). In 2013, more than 80 per cent of the projects funded under the CHF-CAR were projects submitted and implemented by NGOs.

The Swedish International Development Cooperation, Irish Aid, DFID and the governments of the Netherlands, Denmark, the Norway, Switzerland and Luxemburg are the donors currently contributing to the CAR CHF.

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