Governance, Policy and Guidance

The CAR CHF brings together key partners to support the timely allocation and disbursement of donor resources to fund the most critical humanitarian needs under the direction of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC).

The Concept Note serves as term of reference for the management of the Fund and is the overall guiding document for the CAR CHF, complemented by other guidance documents and templates.

Guiding documents
CHF concept note (Terms of Reference)
Memorandum of Understanding between Participating UN Organizations and the UN Development Programme regarding the operational aspects of the CAR CHF (25 Mar 2009)
Processus de déclenchement d'un appel sous la Réserve du CHF (Reserve appeal process)
Terms of Reference Advisory Board
Project Revision Criteria FR
Risk management framework FR
Note on logo utilisation; Logo: OCHA [Blue - White]


Templates and guidelines
Project Proposal Template [EN - FR]
Project Proposal Guidelines [FR]
Budget Template [EN - FR]
Guidance and Basic Definitions for the Budget Preparation [EN]
Final narrative reporting template [EN - FR]
Iterim narrative reporting template [EN - FR]
Monitoring visit template [EN - FR]
Project Follow up File [EN - FR]
Project revision request template [EN - FR]
Redeployment of funds request form [EN]


Advisory Board meeting minutes (Comité Consultatif)
Meeting of 05 Dec 2014
Meeting of 30 Oct 2014
Meeting of 16 Aug 2014
Meeting of 08 Aug 2014
Meeting of 23 Apr 2014
Meeting of 28 Mar 2014
Meeting of 30 Jan 2014