Burundi 2014

25 Apr 2014

In February, 2014, torrential rains resulted in extensive floods and landslides in five communes of Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura. More than 70 people lost their lives, some 180 people were injured and close to 20,000 people were displaced.

CERF releases $3.4 million to help returning migrants in Burundi

25 Oct 2013
Allocation Story: 
Allocation Story

19 September 2013: On 25 July 2013, the Tanzanian government announced that all “illegal aliens” had to leave the country by 11 August 2013. The order affected thousands of Burundians who had migrated to Tanzania due to economic or political reasons over the past 30 years. A wave of more than 19,000 Burundians arrived in Burundi from Tanzania during the 15 days between the announcement and the deadline.

Burundi 2013

15 Jan 2013
CERF gives $3 million to Burundi

The Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) allocated some US$100 million for the first underfunded emergencies window in January 2013 to boost humanitarian operations in 12 neglected humanitarian emergencies.

Burundi 2011

23 Jan 2012

CERF allocates $4 million in Burundi

In 2011, an estimated 35 million people benefited from CERF underfunded emergency allocations in 20 countries and territories.

Over $144 million was disbursed to 185 UN projects in countries with unmet needs.

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