Djibouti 2014

9 Jan 2014

Total allocations: US$3,997,510

Underfunded Emergencies
In January 2014, during the first round of Underfunded Emergencies Window allocations, the Emergency Relief Coordinator approved some $4 million to sustain emergency aid operations in Djibouti.

The tables below show actual disbursements and may not yet cover total allocated amounts.



Djibouti 2013

18 Mar 2013

CERF releases funds through the Underfunded Emergencies window

The Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has allocated an unprecedented US$175 million to neglected emergencies in 2013. Twelve humanitarian emergencies received some $100 million in the first underfunded emergencies round in January 2013. Another thirteen hidden emergencies were provided some $75 million through the second underfunded emergencies round in July 2013.

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