Mali 2014

9 Jan 2014

Total allocations: US$ 11,443,364

Underfunded Emergencies
In January 2014, during the first round of Underfunded Emergencies Window allocations, the Emergency Relief Coordinator approved $11.4 million to sustain emergency aid operations in Mali.

The tables below show actual disbursements and may not yet cover total allocated amounts.




CERF gives more than $16 million in assistance to the Malian population

25 Oct 2013
Allocation Story: 
Allocation Story

5 April 2013: The complex emergency that started in Mali in early 2012 has left the population food insecure and vulnerable to malnutrition, security threats and diseases. An estimated 430,000 Malians have fled their homes since the conflict began in January 2012. Of these people, 260,000 are internally displaced and 170,000 have fled to neighbouring countries.

Mali 2013

19 Mar 2013

CERF in Action - Rapid Response

Mali 2012

24 Apr 2012

CERF gives $7 million to help people affected by conflict in Mali

24 July 2012: The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has given US$6,896,415 to humanitarian partners in Mali to aid conflict-affected people.

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