CERF releases more than $3 million to Congolese refugees in Rwanda

28 Oct 2013
Allocation Story: 
Allocation Story

18 June 2013: The continuing precarious security situation in in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has triggered massive displacement within the DRC as well as outflows to neighbouring countries, including Rwanda. The refugee influx has strained Rwanda’s financial resources.

An estimated 15,117 people from Kitchanga, Kilolirwe, Burungu, Mushaki and Nyamitaba in Masisi territory in the DRC have fled to Rwanda. Some 5,000 refugees found shelter the Kigeme camp or have reunited with their families. The remaining 10,859 refugees urgently need help.

Rwanda 2013

19 Jun 2013

CERF in Action - Rapid Response

Rwanda 2012

2 Jul 2012

CERF provides $3 million in life-saving support for Congolese refugees in Rwanda

11 June 2012: Thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes and remain internally displaced, or
have sought refuge in neighbouring Rwanda and Uganda, as a result of intense fighting between Congolese
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