Togo 2012

14 Dec 2012

CERF allocates more than US$600,000 to help internally displaced people in Togo

11 December 2012: In early June 2012, a land dispute between the Konkomba and Moba communities in Namkpandouri, Togo, turned violent and claimed the lives of three people. The dispute also caused severe material damage and loss of livestock.

Chad 2010

5 Oct 2012

CERF allocates $2.7 million for meningitis and measles outbreak in Chad

1 April 2010: CERF has allocated $2.7 million in response to meningitis and measles outbreak in Chad.

Madagascar 2012

13 Aug 2012

CERF gives $2 million to Madagascar

With humanitarian needs increasing, CERF allocated some US$55 million for the second underfunded emergencies window in August 2012 to bolster operations in eight neglected humanitarian emergencies.

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