Ethiopia 2011

24 Jan 2012

Refugees in Ethiopia supported with $10 million from the CERF  

13 September 2011: More than $10 million was allocated from the CERF in September to enable United Nations agencies to provide life-saving assistance to refugees in Ethiopia. More than 77,000 refugees fled ongoing conflict and drought in Somalia during the course of the year, arriving at overflowing camps in south-eastern Ethiopia. The majority of the refugees were women and children. An assessment carried out in early 2011 suggested that they were in alarmingly bad health and suffering dangerously high levels of malnutrition.

The World Food Programme (WFP) was provided with $5.3 million from the CERF to provide emergency food assistance to 300,000 refugees over a three month period. A further $129,000 allowed WFP to put in place vital communications support for humanitarian organizations involved with the response. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) used $4.6 million of CERF funding to provide shelter materials, non-food items (such as kitchen sets and sanitary kits) to refugee families at the camps, as well as meals at refugee transit centres.


Côte d'Ivoire 2011

24 Jan 2012

CERF allocates $10.3 million in response to the ongoing crisis in Côte d'Ivoire

16 March 2011: In response to the ongoing political crisis, CERF has allocated $10.3 million for humanitarian response in Côte d'Ivoire.

Republic of Congo 2012

24 Jan 2012

CERF Gives $7 million to Republic of Congo Following Arms Depot Explosions  

30 April 2012: The Government and humanitarian partners are responding to clear up unexploded ammunition scattered by the arms depot explosions that killed more than 200 people in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, earlier this month. 

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