Clean water for flood victims in Paraguay

15 Aug 2014
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In March 2014 heavy rain caused rivers in Paraguay to overflow, affecting 230,000 people. CERF allocated $2.2 million to help the flood victims.

In March 2014, heavy rain caused the Paraná and Paraguay rivers in Paraguay to overflow, affecting 230,000 people. In response, the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) allocated  US$2.2 million to help the victims of the flood.

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Paraguay 2014

In March 2014, torrential rains caused the Parana and Paraguay rivers to overflow and flood rural communities and urban areas of Paraguay. The departments of Asuncion and Alto Paraguay were hit the hardest.



Paraguay 2012

CERF gives $2.6 million to UN partners for flood-affected people in Paraguay

24 July 2012: Heavy rainfall near the border of Argentina and Chaco Central has caused flooding and devastation in Paraguay. The flooding has isolated entire communities in scattered and marginalized hamlets, where vulnerability to food insecurity is high.

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