Gambia 2012

CERF provides $4.8 million in response to food insecurity and malnutrition in The Gambia

28 March 2012: The 2011-2012 cropping season in The Gambia experienced a significant decline due to late and unevenly distributed rainfall, with crop production estimated to drop by 62 per cent compared to the previous season.

Farmers throughout the country are experiencing an early and protracted lean season, beginning in March 2012, while in the most affected areas the lean season began as early as January and February.

Farmer households are facing significant challenges to food access due to poor ground nut harvest – the most important cash crop in The Gambia – and the high price of imported staple foods. Farmer families are resorting to coping strategies linked to the lack of available food, such as reducing food intake, as well as the sale of livestock.


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