Paraguay 2012

CERF gives $2.6 million to UN partners for flood-affected people in Paraguay

24 July 2012: Heavy rainfall near the border of Argentina and Chaco Central has caused flooding and devastation in Paraguay. The flooding has isolated entire communities in scattered and marginalized hamlets, where vulnerability to food insecurity is high.

Floods have seriously affected the livelihoods of the most vulnerable indigenous and creole communities. This is due to limited access to traditional foods; considerable losses of subsistence crops and livestock; poor food- and seed-conservation capacity; and limited access to local markets. An assessment mission comprising national authorities and UN agencies observed a deterioration of affected people’s nutritional status. As the new planting season will start during September and October 2012, the flooding poses a significant risk to the food security of vulnerable communities.

In response, the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) provided US$2,577,014 to five UN agencies to aid relief efforts.

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