Syrian Arab Republic 2015

Total allocations: US$29,926,021

Underfunded Emergencies

In January 2015, during the first round of Underfunded Emergencies Window allocations, the Emergency Relief Coordinator approved some $30 million to boost emergency aid operations in Syria.

The tables below show actual disbursements and may not yet cover total allocated amounts.



Underfunded Emergencies


CERF allocates grant of $7 million for Underfunded Emergencies projects in Syria

1 March 2012: According to UNHCR, the 1 million Iraqi refugees residing in Syria form one of the largest urban refugee populations in the world. As a result of nearly one year of civil unrest in Syria, needs have dramatically increased amongst vulnerable refugee populations.

The protracted nature of exile and civil unrest in the country has caused many refugees to lose their livelihoods and many are now dependent on outside assistance. The majority of refugees continue to live in and co-exist with the host community. The hardship affecting a growing number of refugees has led some to cut back on medical expenses, which further aggravates their vulnerabilities and their health status.

In response, the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has provided a grant of US$7 million to four UN agencies to support Iraqi refugees living in Syria.

CERF in Action - Underfunded Emergencies