Chad 2015

Total allocations: US$6,997,593

Rapid Response

In December 2015, the Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) allocated nearly $7 million to support humanitarian assistance to displaced people caused by conflict linked to Boko Haram-related violence. This led to a sharp increase of humanitarian needs.

Over 50,000 Chadians fled between July and December 2015 to the islands of Lake Chad to find refuge as the Boko Haram-violence continues impacting the social-economic environment in the region. The people are currently living in several refugee camps, villages and districts in Baga-Sola, Bol, Daboua, Kangalom and Liwa.

In addition, there are some 15,000 Chadian returnees from Nigeria, 14,000 Nigerian refugees and over 700 third country nationals in Chad. Displacements have also affected vulnerable host communities, of whom more than 112,000 people are in need of humanitarian assistance..


The tables below show actual disbursements and may not yet cover total allocated amounts.

Rapid Response