25 Oct 2013
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21 February 2013: More than 4.3 million people need humanitarian assistance in Mali. This is the result of last year’s food insecurity and nutrition crisis combined with the armed conflict that broke out in northern Mali in January 2012.
The conflict has caused thousands of people to flee their homes. An estimated 241,000 Malians have been internally displaced, while 166,000 of their fellow citizens have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Continuing military operations have exacerbated the needs of the most vulnerable Malians in the northern regions, Gao, Timbuktu and Kidal.
An estimated 2 million Malians are food insecure. The Food Security Cluster estimates that 750,000 of those people need immediate food assistance. It is also anticipated by the Food Security Cluster that 660,000 children will suffer from moderate acute malnutrition and 210,000 from severe acute malnutrition this year.
In response, the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has provided a rapid response grant of US$1,610,017 to two UN agencies.
The UN Development Programme (UNDP) received $630,099 to expand safety and security services for humanitarian actors in Mali. The World Food Programme (WFP) received $979,918 to provide emergency telecommunications service to support humanitarian operations.
The allocations are expected to benefit more than 4 million people.