25 Oct 2013
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27 March 2013: In early January 2013, Mozambique was severely hit by heavy rains, causing flooding throughout the country. Since then, an estimated 478,892 people have been directly affected. A total of 117 people died and more than 176,000 people have been internally displaced. 
As subsistence agriculture is the main livelihood for about 80 per cent of the flood-affected rural areas, CERF recognized the need to protect vulnerable households from extreme food insecurity levels, and to ensure a minimum of livelihoods and production capacity.
The Government estimates that the floods affected 266,698 ha, of which 210,587 ha with diverse crops—such as maize, rice, beans and vegetables—were lost. This represents 4 per cent of the total area sown in the country. The Gaza province was the worst affected, with 30 per cent of its area lost.
With the second planting season due to start in April 2013, farmers urgently need seeds and agricultural tools to prevent major food insecurity. In response, CERF has provided a rapid response grant of US$709,038 to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). FAO will seek to assist 13,000 households in Gaza province with emergency agriculture kits composed of seeds and tools.
The allocation is expected to benefit 65,000 people.