CERF allocates more than $5.5 million in humanitarian assistance to South Sudan

7 June 2013: Intercommunal fighting has intensified between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army and non-state armed groups. The fighting, which began in December 2011 in South Sudan, has caused widespread internal displacement. The number of fights and the number of civilians attacked have increased drastically. According to the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan’s 2013 Human Rights Report, 85 civilians were killed and dozens more injured on one day earlier this year in Akobo County, Jonglei State.
Jonglei State and the surrounding areas have been significantly affected by the escalating violence. Between January and April 2013, 142 civilians were reported dead and another 11,153 are internally displaced, leaving South Sudan in a devastating humanitarian crisis. However, the humanitarian community cannot provide humanitarian assistance, including medical services, due to safety reasons.
In response to the crisis, the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has provided a rapid response grant of US$5,533,318 to two UN agencies. The grant is expected to benefit 65,000 people.
The World Food Programme (WFP) received $3,766,678 to respond to health-related emergencies. WFP will seek to strengthen the surgical capacity and referral system in Jonglei State.
The World Health Organization (WHO) received $1,766,640 to ensure humanitarian air services. WHO will also provide nutritional supplies and water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.