Generosity in Action

On behalf of the people we serve, we would like to thank the foundations, charities and individuals who have reaffirmed their faith in the dignity and worth of the human person by supporting relief efforts to the most vulnerable people of our global community.


Western Union CEO calls on other Companies to Pre-Fund Global Disaster Response through CERF. New Corporate Donations Matched Dollar-for-Dollar, for a Total Goal of US$500,000.

Western Union CEO, Mr. Hikmet Ersek, announces a global philanthropy challenge to match all new corporate donations to the CERF, for up to US$250,000 to celebrate the Fund’s fifth year anniversary.


BASF - The Chemical Company - donates $761,000 to CERF.
World Mission Society Church of God donates $100,000 to CERF.


Spurred by the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC (TAQA) has contributed US$ 150,000 to CERF.
The Estate of Mr. George Gary has made a generous donation of US$ 10,408 to CERF.
The Bahá'í International Community made a contribution of $10,000 to CERF.

Fundraising Musical Show in Harlem "Swat NOW! 2009" by Nazneen Patel and Ali Abidi, inspired by the humanitarian work of the United Nations in Pakistan. 



More than 100 generous individual donors contributed US$ 120,000 to the UN Foundation, a US charity supporting CERF.

A donation from Western Union Company for US$ 100,000 through the UN Foundations.

The Disaster Resource Network (DNR) and Humanity First made annual donations of US$ 15,000 and US$ 10,000 to CERF respectively. 

The Alexander Bodini Foundation made a US$ 10,000 donation to CERF.
CMS Hasche Sigle made a US$ 626 donation to CERF.
DBTCO America in Serbia made a US$1,000 donation to CERF.
International Gold Exploration IGE, Sweden, made a US$ 1,678 donation to CERF.
The Maravilla Foundation made a US$ 200.00 donation to CERF.

CERF received individual contributions from Karina E. Etchison (US$ 10) and Terence Lee Jorn Loong (US$ 0.17).

Pricewaterhouse Coopers Charitable Foundation helping the UN to achieve its humanitarian goals.

The SCOR group has donated USD 200,000 to the United Nations relief effort following the devastating and tragic natural disasters in China and Myanmar.


CERF received an individual contribution from Dennis Hellawell of US$ 100.
First corporate partner of CERF, as part of its initiative "Our World, Our Family" the Western Union Foundation has given US$ 100,000 to CERF through its Foundation.
Award winning support, CERF even has award winners who are supporting its cause!


While many individuals choose to independently donate to humanitarian causes, businesses can facilitate such contributions and enhance their impact by adopting employee giving programs that include payroll deductions, matching contributions, and fundraising activities. Cause-related marketing programs targeting customers are also a unique opportunity to build awareness of a particular humanitarian crisis and demonstrate to customers your company’s commitment to addressing that crisis.




Hikmet Ersek
President and Chief Executive
Nazneen Patel
Ali Abidi
Peter Barker-
Chief Executive Officer 
Jürgen Hambrecht Chairman of the Board of Executive
   Swat NOW! 2009