Independent Review of the Underfunded Emergencies Window

In an effort to continually review and improve its processes and based on a recommendation of the General Assembly-mandated five-year evaluation of CERF, the CERF committed in 2012 to conduct research to identify potential alternatives or improved methods to select participating countries for biannual Underfunded Emergencies (UFE) allocations. This included an assessment of their costs and benefits, as well as ways to improve understanding of UFE procedures and outcomes at field level. For this, the CERF commissioned an independent review of the UFE process.

The main purpose of the study was to review the current methodology used for country selection and apportionment and identify potential alternative or improved methods. The review provided the ERC and CERF secretariat with sufficient analysis of the current method and costs and benefits of proposed alternative or improved methods to decide whether modifications to the current guidelines and practice associated with the Underfunded Window are required. The review was undertaken by two independent consultants between May and November 2012.

Independent Review of the Underfunded Emergencies Window (PDF)