Interim CERF Review

OCHA commissioned an independent interim review of the grant component of the CERF.

The purpose of the review was to take stock of the CERF’s first year of operations, with the aim of contributing to strengthening the effectiveness of the mechanism and its potential impact on overall humanitarian response.

The Interim Review concluded that significant progress had been made in the implementation of CERF in its first year of operations. However, there were a number of issues which needed to be clarified, including ensuring a common understanding of the scope of the CERF, providing more effective management of the CERF, strengthening working relationships with UN agencies, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the NGO community, and finally, providing more effective and transparent information on CERF. 


Management Response Matrix (MRM)

The review presented fifteen recommendations for consideration. A Management Response Matrix was developed in December 2007 and updated in February 2009.Recommendations that were accepted but partially implemented were subsumed under the management response matrix of the Two-year Evaluation.