30 Dec 2011

OCTOBER: Children receive treatment at the WFP and UNICEF-supported Provincial Baby Home in Hamhung City, Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Credit: OCHA/ David Ohana
Highlighting some of the major events that dominated the work of OCHA and hundreds of humanitarian partners


2011 has been a deeply challenging year for millions of people around the world - and stretched the capacity of humanitarian aid organisations to the limit. An earthquake and tsunami in Japan, drought and famine in the Horn of Africa, and flooding in Central America, Pakistan and Southeast Asia, highlighted the devastating consequences of natural disasters.

Conflict also took a terrible toll in many countries - including civil war in Libya, fighting in Yemen, post-electoral violence in Cote d’Ivoire, and continued clashes in Sudan and South Sudan.

OCHA, the UN, and hundreds of humanitarian partners worked around the clock to help people survive these crises, and pick up the pieces. OCHA: 2011 in Pictures highlights some of the events that dominated our work.


OCHA: 2011 in Pictures