Amanda Pitt

Amanda Pitt is the Chief of the Strategic Communications Branch, overseeing OCHA's work in global news, public advocacy, crisis communications, reporting, visualization and analysis, and other tools, guidance & services for clients in the field and HQ.

Ms. Pitt served as USG Spokesperson and Chief of Media Relations in New York from 2011 to 2016, overseeing news output and public messaging, including providing the Emergency Relief Coordinator and Secretary-General's communications office with daily guidance on issues of public outreach and reputation. From 2009 Ms. Pitt led OCHA's public advocacy strategy and oversaw nascent digital communications.

Prior to this, Ms. Pitt spent nearly five years managing OCHA communications and reporting in the Asia-Pacific region. Developing communications services and networks for the new ROAP in Bangkok, Amanda frequently deployed to lead emergency media relations, advocacy, reporting, communications inter-agency coordination and deliver training, in support of Humanitarian Coordinators, UNDAC, country teams and humanitarian partners in Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, China, DPR Korea, Myanmar, Fiji, Indonesia and Lebanon, among others.

Ms. Pitt has some 25 years experience in the media, private sector and UN system, in publishing, advocacy campaigning, public relations, marketing and media development, including in the UK, eastern Europe and the Balkans. She founded and managed the first English-language weekly magazine in newly independent Ukraine, covering cultural and social issues; worked with BBC Media Action and Open Society Foundation on post-conflict media development in Serbia; and led public advocacy campaigns on HIV/AIDS for the United Nations in Ukraine, developing new private sector resource mobilization and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Ms. Pitt is a British national, and studied Russian and International Relations at the University of Surrey with a focus on human rights issues.